The path of the soul

The Path of the Soul starts from within ourselves and after a journey through thoughts, emotions, introspection, meditations and the cosmos it finds its way back to us, enriched and empowering.
Daily life moves us away from these important moments, but from time to time we all need these moments of complete privacy to look for answers and to find strength to go ahead. This privilege to be alone with our “soul affairs” is a fundamental element of our lives. Don’t we all feel sometimes the need to change environment, to find a new threshold towards meditation and introspection. A place from where we can embark upon a journey towards inner tranquillity.
The Palazzo Tarlati offers such a threshold because it breathes respect for individual spiritual needs. A starting point from where you can, at your leisure, start your travel to where you want to bring your soul to, and back. We will give you all indications about places to visit, books to consult, and music to listen to that at the same time soothes your soul and stimulates your mental powers. At the end of each daily journey you will find rest and family warmth at the Palazzo. As you relax and look back on your day you will find that, all by itself, new Paths begin to take shape in your mind.
After a good night’s rest you will have fresh motivation and energy to explore these new Paths for which we hope that the Palazzo may again be your starting point.