The path of emotions

The Path of Emotions is a travel through senses, a rediscovery of ourselves and the discovery of unusual, enchanting and inspiring places. It is the path that passes in between the holy and profane, in between art and science, in between angels and devils, in between the mysterious and the known. Complete idleness is not a sin at the Palazzo Tarlati. It should bring you gentle inspiration to reflect and introspect. Perhaps by doing so a previously subdued sensation of wanting to explore new Paths will manifest itself more. A new, fresh and spiritual approach to your life will give you new strength and conviction that every one of us needs to find and walk his or her own Path in life… Palazzo Tarlati is an integral part of our Path of Emotions. We welcome you here in the spirit of family hospitality with the intention, and pleasure, of sharing with you the unique experience of living in a historical and inspiring residence where every day spent is cherished as an icon of joy. We have not programmed tourism packages. Instead, we like to create personalized Paths of Emotions for our guests putting into evidence a union between art, nature, gastronomy and the mysticism of nature. It will be your approach to these sensations that will make your Path complete. At the entrance of the Palazzo you will notice an oil lamp. If you touch it your wishes will be fulfilled. You will be free to find your own Path of Emotions, or, together with our guardian angels. Whatever means of travelling down the Paths of Emotions you choose, it will be the right one.
Our satisfaction lays in letting you be happy.