Who we are

Welcome! It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you my family and our family residence. The Palazzo is in our family since 4 generations, and I represent the third generation that lives here together with my wife Francesca and our children. The Palazzo is our home, it represents our origins, our centre of affection, and yes, our theatre of happy and lesser happy moments in our lives. We cannot imagine to live anywhere else. To live here is to really breathe history and to move daily around premises which have witnessed a great many similar emotions lived through by the inhabitants in the course of centuries. This place of deep passions and hard fights wraps us in its protective and positive disposition. Intrinsically linked, historically, to our Palazzo, is the Palazzo Podastarile which was the centre of Justice and Government. The political and economic equilibriums of the Valtiberina and Valdarno areas were governed from here. But as the administrative aspects of the area are linked to our Palazzo, so are religious aspects like e.g. the reproduction of St. John the Apostle and St. John the Evangelist in the fresco in the Tarlati Room (the room for Audiences) of the Palazzo, which are emblematic. Our family has offered the church its new bell on which our family name as well as the name of the parish priest are engraved. This has been our expression of confirming our bond that we have with the village, for times to come. A treasure is only a true treasure when it can be shared with others. It is with this in mind that the intention to create a historical residence was born; a residence so much different from other ones. This ancient splendour in combination with warm family hospitality and local gastronomy form the ingredients to have you live moments of which we want you to carry fond and moving memories. We will be here to welcome you, together with our guardian angels, to assure that you will arrive safely as a guest but leave enchanted as a friend. Until soon, we hope..! 

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Maurizio Sabatini and Family